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Rabbit control: now is the time for a coordinated approach

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Our typical spring weather arriving later than expected this year, could be good news for rabbit control.

16 November 2020

Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board Landscape Officer, Ben Tucker, says the late spring weather has created a fantastic opportunity for a strategic approach to rabbit control across the district.

“With the warmer days rolling in as we approach summer, we will see a drying of vegetation and reduction in available green feed for rabbits,” Mr Tucker says.

“This reduction is critical to the success of rabbit baiting programs as the more green feed there is available, the less likely rabbits are to investigate bait trails.

“The advantage that the delay in warm weather has provided is that we have been able to delay the release of RHDV1-K5 (Calicivirus), which leaves a smaller window of time for rabbit numbers to build back up before follow-up controls are implemented during summer.

“We want to remind everyone that even small numbers of rabbit are worth controlling.

“Their biggest weapon is their ability to successfully breed, meaning a small number can turn into a large number very quickly.

“We encourage everyone to speak to their neighbours and coordinate rabbit control measures with them.

“A coordinated program across a larger area, significantly increases your chances of long-term success.”

Landholders can contact the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board about an appropriate approach to rabbit control for their property.

“Together we can work towards significantly reducing rabbit impacts on the Eyre Peninsula but it starts with a conversation and a willingness to have a go,” says Mr Tucker.

Landholders can contact Landscape Officer Ben Tucker on 8688 3182 or email

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board has released a video about rabbit control, encouraging landholders to undertake control methods.

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board came into effect on 1 July 2020, replacing the former Eyre Peninsula Natural Resources Management Board.

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