Photo competition winners announced

29 June 2021  

Winners have now been selected in the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board’s photo competition which was open from May 24 to June 23, 2021.

We were looking for photos that showcase Eyre Peninsula’s landscapes and our priorities of sustainable agriculture, water, pest plants & animals, biodiversity and community.

We thank everyone who entered the competition. Here are the details of the first and second places in each category. The image gallery (to the right) can be scrolled through to see all these photos. Images may have been cropped for website formatting.

Water category

1st prize – Jo Calliss for her photo of a creek rehabilitation

2nd prize – Lyn Keannelly for her photo of water at Kolay Mirrica Gawler Ranges.

Sustainable agriculture

1st prize – Rebecca Gosling for her photo of cutting frosted peas for hay at Cocata.

2nd prize – Colin Kay for his crop with dog photo at Murdinga.


1st prize – Maree Easton from St Joseph’s Port Lincoln for her photo of a Year 9 tree planting excursion to a North Shields farm.

2nd prize – Eric Kotz, on behalf of the Friends of Reevesby Island Group, for his photo of the walking trail into the historic Reevesby Island Homestead which has been widened and restored.


1st prize – Rachael Kannussaar for her photo of coastal saltmarsh at Lake Greenly.

2nd prize – Corey anne Wait for her photo of her children enjoying some fun time on hay stacks after they finished shifting the bales just prior to rain at Yallunda Flat.

Pest plants and animals

1st prize – Jo Calliss for her photo of a livestock guardian dog with a fox.

No second prize awarded.


1st prize – Rebecca Gosling for her photo of a salt lake at upper Eyre Peninsula near Gawler Ranges.

2nd prize – Victoria McCarron for her photo of a black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus) as it wades gently through the wetlands of Whyalla. 

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