Arno Bay culvert works complete to protect saltmarsh

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The Arno Bay saltmarsh environment has been given a helping hand with a new culvert now installed on a road that runs parallel to the saltmarsh, which will improve hydrological flows under the road.

30 June 2021

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board has worked with the District Council of Cleve on the Cowley Road culvert as part of the Saltmarsh Threat Abatement and Recovery (STAR) project, supported by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Temperate coastal saltmarshes are listed as a nationally Threatened Ecological Community and are one of our region’s most valuable and environmentally sensitive ecosystems. They protect our shorelines, act as blue-carbon sinks, and are important fish nurseries and bird habitat.

Team Leader of Landscape Operations (East) with the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, Tim Breuer, says the culvert installation will help restore the threatened temperate coastal saltmarsh habitat in the Arno Bay area.

“The old narrow culvert was challenging the rate and direction of water flow from the road to the saltmarsh, causing scouring of the saltmarsh surface to occur,” Mr Breuer says.

“The culvert has been significantly widened which will improve flows and stop saltmarsh scouring - when sediments like sand and mud go back and forth sideways over the environment creating a sandpaper-like effect - on both sides of the road.

“The improved hydrological flows will also help the algal mat to develop and help to provide a better environment for the health of the samphire plants growing in this zone.

“We thank the District Council of Cleve for working with us to achieve better environmental outcomes for the Arno Bay saltmarsh.”

The saltmarsh around Arno Bay can be viewed along the Arno bay Mangrove Boardwalk off Creek Road. The Boardwalk showcases the diverse environment and includes educational signage along the way.

The Eyre Peninsula coastline contains more than 3,000km of temperate coastal saltmarsh. The STAR project is a four year project that is focusing on land care actions to help protect and improve these threatened communities.

Any local councils, landholders or community who may have an idea or project sites where hydrological flow on-ground works could improve the condition of saltmarsh, are encouraged to get in contact Tim Breuer or Liz McTaggart from the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board for funding opportunities in the 22-23 financial year.

Email them on or call Liz on 0437 297 992 or Tim on 0488 000 481.

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