Hooded Plovers discovered inland

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A pair of Hooded Plovers have been discovered nesting inland - the first time our staff have seen local nesting away from the coast.

Last weekend, a member of the Southern Eyre Bird Club was delighted to spot a pair of threatened Hooded Plovers on an inland salt lake, more than 15km from the ocean. Further investigation revealed the pair are in fact nesting, with a 3-egg nest confirmed.

Hooded Plovers discovered inland

To have breeding confirmed and officially recorded at an inland salt lake system on Eyre Peninsula is a remarkable discovery! We look forward to seeing how this pair go over the nesting season, and have our fingers crossed for them.

During our Saltmarsh Threat Abatement and Recovery project, we found that Hooded Plovers flock to inland salt lakes during winter (their non-breeding season) but we’ve never had reports of them nesting this far from the coast that our current staff are aware of.

If you happen to have salt lakes on your property, or live near to inland salt lakes please keep an eye out for Hooded Plovers across Eyre Peninsula. We’d love to hear from you if you spot them. Find your closest landscape office.

Hooded Plovers discovered inland
This nest of Hooded Plover eggs at an inland salt lake was photographed from a distance.

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