Biodiversity credit program opens for Eyre Peninsula

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Land managers in two areas of Eyre Peninsula have a new opportunity to diversify their income with the Biodiversity Credit Exchange (BCE) now opening up to the region.

Biodiversity credit program opens for Eyre Peninsula

This program is being delivered by the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) and the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board on behalf of the Native Vegetation Council (NVC).

Planning and Assessment Officer with the EP Landscape Board, Andrew Freeman, says the program would be ideal for land managers who have areas of vegetation they would like to improve by controlling pests, weeds or overabundant herbivores, or by excluding stock.

“This program gives eligible land managers access to funding to manage and protect areas of native vegetation on their land to generate biodiversity credits,” says Mr Freeman.

“Payments are received for management activities in the protected area, as part of an agreed management plan. The resulting improvement in vegetation condition creates a biodiversity credit which is what land managers will be paid for by the NVC.

“The credits that are generated are listed on the Native Vegetation Credit Register, and can then be sold by NVC to buyers who are required to offset vegetation clearances in the same region.”

The program has already been successfully implemented in other areas of South Australia.

“After the successful implementation of this program across the Mid North and Murraylands regions we are looking forward to its delivery on Eyre Peninsula,” says Manager Native Vegetation with DEW, Sarah Reachill.

“What this program does is support sustainable development in our growing regional economies while also providing long-term protection for our state’s ecosystems and ensuring there is no net loss of native vegetation for South Australia.”

The Eyre Peninsula BCE program will target sites of high conservation value in areas around Port Lincoln, Wangary, Edillilie and Yallunda Flat; and the upper eastern side of Eyre Peninsula taking in areas around Cleve, Yalanda, Midgee and Mangalo (see southern map and eastern map for more details).

Once established, the program will provide clearance applicants with a straightforward and efficient way to meet their Significant Environmental Benefit (SEB) obligations.

Applications open on July 1 for land managers in the eligible area to apply to be part of the program, with a closing date of July 27. EP Landscape Board staff member Andrew Freeman is available to help land managers through the process. He can be contacted on 0429 673 123 or

For more information visit the Native Vegetation Council's BCE page.

More information is also available on our BCE page including application criteria and an expression of interest form.

Biodiversity credit program opens for Eyre Peninsula

For media queries for the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board contact Communications and Engagement Officer Katrina Phelps.

For media queries for the Native Vegetation Council, contact DEW Senior Media Advisor Dave Primer on 0448 169 428 or

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