Eyre Peninsula campsite bookings go online

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Upgraded campsites at Sheringa Beach and Walker's Rock near Elliston can now be booked online, with more campgrounds to be added in the future, as part of our Eyes on Eyre pilot project.

Eyre Peninsula campsite bookings go online

Upgraded campsites at Sheringa Beach and Walker’s Rock near Elliston can now be booked online via www.eyrepeninsula.com/camping, with more campgrounds to be added in the future as part of an Eyes on Eyre pilot project.

Supported by a $500,000 State Government ‘Parks 2025’ grant, the Eyes on Eyre project is a joint initiative of Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP), the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association (EPLGA), the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board (EPLB) and the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) in conjunction with local councils.

National Parks and Wildlife Service Executive Director Mike Williams said the trial aims to help activate nature-based tourism in the Eyre Peninsula region by improving the coastal camping experience, especially during peak periods.

“We want to encourage visitors to explore further, stay longer and have an amazing experience in our national parks and coastal Crown lands, boosting our regional economy,” Mr Williams said.

“It’s about providing a more sustainable booking model, especially when demand for campsites is at an all-time high, to ensure visitor numbers are appropriately managed.”

District Council of Elliston Mayor Malcolm Hancock said the pilot was the next step for the campgrounds, which have been upgraded in recent years.

“We’ve made significant improvements to both sites at Walker’s Rock and Sheringa Beach, and as a council we are committed to continuing this work,” Mr Hancock said.

“The Elliston district has some incredibly beautiful destinations, but we need to ensure visitors can enjoy these places in a sustainable way.”

The pilot is being undertaken as part of Eyes on Eyre, a project set up to facilitate a consistent and collaborative approach to tourism on the Eyre Peninsula.

Annabelle Hender, Tourism Development Manager for the Eyre Peninsula, said it was satisfying to be able to trial the new booking system in time for school holidays and Christmas.

“The Eyes on Eyre Working Group undertook a survey earlier this year following feedback from the community regarding increased visitation from the caravan and camping segment, particularly over summer.

“To be in a position where we are now ready to trial an online booking system over the peak tourist season is a really positive step towards addressing the concerns of the community and providing a better experience for our visitors.”

The community survey results highlighted the desire for camping fees, defined camping bays and improved amenities at sites across the Eyre Peninsula, to assist with the visitor experience and conserve the environment.

Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board General Manager Jonathan Clark said protecting the Eyre Peninsula’s natural environment was a key priority for the organisation.

“The Eyre Peninsula is known for its incredible natural areas, but we have to be proactive to ensure this is maintained.

“This pilot and the Eyes on Eyre project are part of this, and knowing the community is also passionate about sustainability is really pleasing.”

Pending the outcome of the pilot, it is intended for additional campgrounds across the Eyre Peninsula to be upgraded and added to the online booking system over the coming years.

View this short video for more info on the Eyes on Eyre camping initiative.

Reducing camping impacts

This media release originally published by the Department for Environment and Water.

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