Pest animal control

Landscape Officers can help landholders fulfil their obligation to control pest animals, as per the Landscape South Australia Act, by providing information, advice and integrated control services. We actively work with councils and landholders to ensure pest animals are controlled effectively and in a coordinated manner that is in line with regional priorities.

Services available include:

  • Sale of baits - 1080 rabbit bait, pindone rabbit bait, 1080 fox and wild dog baits (both fresh meat and commercially manufactured options).
  • Vertebrate pest control programs - rabbit bait trailing, laying fox baits.
  • Equipment hire - rabbit baitlayers, tree-planter & direct seeding machine.

From January 2023, charges for these services will be as stated in this pricing schedule. This pricing includes a charge of $1.50 per 1080 fox bait (fresh meat) which is a partial subsidy as per the statewide landscape pricing policy. A 20% discount will be applied during annual bait distribution days and when three or more adjoining landholders participate as part of a coordinated baiting program.

If you need assistance with pest animal control, please contact the Landscape Officers in your area or call 08 8688 3200.