Opuntioid cacti control

Do you have an Opuntioid cacti infestation on your property?

We can help solve your prickly problem.

Dactylopius - commonly referred to as cochineal - is an effective biological control agent for Opuntioid Cacti. These host-specific scale insects will munch away on cacti eliminating the need for manual labour and herbicide use.

Dactylopius field nursery sites established by Landscape Officers across our Eastern district late last year are flourishing with the hungry cochineal insects doing their work – with visible results.

Cochineal slow down and go dormant over the winter months but come spring we’re planning to harvest pads hosting cochineal and spread them to new cacti infestations.

Following a successful spring release, 60-80% eradication can be achieved in as little as two years depending on the size of the infestation.

Contact your local Landscape Officer for more information and to register your interest for a spring release on your property.

Biocontrols should only be used under the direction of landscape officers, it is prohibited under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 to transport declared weeds without a permit.

Find out more about Opuntioid Cacti in our fact sheet.

Opuntioid cacti control
Opuntioid cacti control

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