Free weed management resources

Controlling or eliminating weeds is an ongoing task but the recent release of four free publications will assist landholders in their weed management.

The Weed Control Handbook for Declared Plants in South Australia has colour photos clearly identifying the pest plants and outlining methods of weed control including herbicide options.

Weed Management Guides for Brooms and Asparagus which are Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) have also been produced. These garden escapees can tolerate diverse environmental conditions and invade native bushland and agricultural landscapes.

A Guide to Weed Biological Control in South Australia describes how a weed’s natural enemies can be used to reduce the density of infestations.

Natural Resources Kangaroo Island Senior Sustainable Landscapes Officer Rory Wiadrowski, encourages landowners to take the opportunity to get one of these free guides,

‘They are clearly laid out and the information will be useful whatever the size or purpose of your property’ he said.

Most of these weed resources are available online at BiosecuritySA or can be obtained in hard copy together with the other guides, from the Natural Resources Centre Kangaroo Island.

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