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NRM Gathering attracted over 100 people to hear presentations and participate in workshops

The Kangaroo Island Yacht club was filled almost to capacity as people from around the Island came to hear presentations about the predicted challenges and opportunities climate change poses for the Island’s agriculture and environment. The Kangaroo Island NRM Board’s ‘NRM Gathering’ also gave participants the opportunity to consider the values underlying their vision for the Island’s future, as the first step in updating the NRM Plan to make it climate change-ready.

The NRM Gathering is just one of many opportunities that will be provided for the Kangaroo Island community to be informed and have input into the development of the Plan over the coming months. There will be regular Fact Sheets published in The Islander (the first of which on the planning process was included in the Easter edition). Focus group workshops to be held in different locations around the Island will look at particular aspects, e.g. primary production and tourism.

A survey will be available online and in hard copy providing the opportunity for the community to share their knowledge and understanding of the natural assets that they value. We can then work together to build their resilience and ability to adapt to change.

If you missed out on attending the NRM Gathering and would like to obtain copies of the information provided to participants, or else pick up a free folder to hold your Fact Sheets, please contact the Natural Resources Centre and we’ll be happy to provide you with copies.

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