Board positions itself on feral cats

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Board positions itself on feral cats

In response to concern expressed by the island community, the Kangaroo Island NRM Board has prepared a position statement on feral cats. Historic records indicate that cats were introduced to Kangaroo Island around 200 years ago. Feral cats are now distributed over all of the island with most activity in areas close to townships.

The impacts of feral cats on KI are well known and include preying on birds and other animals, spreading diseases and engaging in a range of annoying behaviours for township residents.There are six principles underlying the board’s position statement:• supporting the Kangaroo Island Council’s Dog and Cat Management Plan and By-Laws• respecting the rights and interests of domestic cat owners• respecting that domestic cats have benefits such as companionship to families• promoting stock health• catching, handling and disposal of feral cats is done humanely• respecting the rights of non-cat owners.

The board has partnered with Kangaroo Island Council, Kangaroo Island residents, Kangaroo Island Cat Control Committee, Kangaroo Island Veterinary Clinic, current cat owners, Dog and Cat Management Board and Agriculture Kangaroo Island and other industry groups in developing its position statement.

The Kangaroo Island Council has endorsed the NRM Board’s position statement in relation to feral cats. The board is looking to work with the council to reduce the impacts of feral cats in and around townships and increase awareness by cat owners of their responsibilities under the council’s bylaws for the control and management of cats (including registering, de-sexing and micro-chipping their cats).

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