Islanders flock to eagle presentation

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Whitebellied sea-eagle presentation attracts Kangaro Islanders

Did you know that white-bellied sea-eagles (WBSE) live for a long time, take several years to mature and pair for life?

This and other interesting facts were presented at the recent talks about our endangered WBSE delivered to more than 90 people by researchers Sharie Detmar and Terry Dennis.

They spoke at the KI NRM Board meeting, to staff of Natural Resources Kangaroo Island, and at a community information session in Kingscote, providing information about the critical courtship, breeding and habitat requirements of WBSE.

Discussion took place around the impact that human activities can have on nesting and breeding and that have the potential to result in either eggs or chicks perishing.

Kangaroo Island is a very important refuge for WBSE, harbouring about 25 percent of the South Australian population. The good news is that we can continue to have these majestic birds nesting and breeding on KI by modifying our behaviour at critical times of the year (May to December) and by ensuring their habitat is protected.

‘It was encouraging to have such a great community turnout and to see their interest in the discussion,’ Ranger-in-Charge Caroline Paterson said.‘We couldn’t be happier that islanders want to learn more about these iconic top predators and how they can help to ensure Kangaroo Island remains a stronghold for their survival’.

Find out more about WBSE or contact us.

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