Together on climate change

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KI NRM Board and KI Council have released a joint position statement on climate change.

The Kangaroo Island NRM Board and the KI Council have worked together to develop a joint position statement on climate change, indicating their strengthening partnership and increasing collaboration. Climate change poses a significant threat globally, nationally and locally and the Board and Council are looking to lead by example in the way they conduct their business.

The position statement is a call to action for Kangaroo Island, reflecting the community’s expressed desire to be a progressive example of best practice, innovation and positive transformation:“Working together not only can we overcome the challenges posed by a changing climate but we can even change things for the better by seizing new opportunities and new technologies. Through innovating and transforming the ‘business as usual’ approach we can ensure future generations not only survive but thrive”, said Board Presiding Member Richard Trethewey and Mayor Jayne Bates.

To this end, the Board and Council are also leading the development of a Climate Change Adaptation Plan for KI. This forms part of a broader state initiative to assess the vulnerability of different regions to climate change impacts and agree on key priorities that will need to be proactively addressed in the coming decades.

The joint position statement can also be found on the Council’s website at

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