Too many roos in the top paddock

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Inviting public to comment on overabundant wildlife big issues paper.

Kangaroo Island is famous for its abundant wildlife, but when does ‘abundant’ become too many?

As land use on KI has changed over the decades, numbers of kangaroos, wallabies, possums and other native animals have increased. This has a negative impact on agriculture, native vegetation and some threatened species, but what is the best way to manage their numbers? Should the commercial harvesting of some native animals on a sustainable basis be considered?

View the first ‘BIG issues’ discussion paper which considers the matter from various angles and makes suggestions about a possible way forward.

Have your say on this and other discussion papers will assist in the development of the new regional NRM plan. You can submit your comments online or by sending them to the natural resources centre.

Additional copies of this and other ‘BIG issues’ discussion papers are available online or at the natural resources centre.

Find out more about the development of the new regional NRM plan.

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