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Drivers damage tidal flats at Bay of Shoals

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Whilst most people care for Kangaroo Island and its unique features that draw visitors from far and wide, it would seem there are a few who either don’t understand or don’t care about the damage they are doing.

The tidal flats around the Bay of Shoals are important feeding areas for a range of sea and shore birds. The beaches are nesting areas for species like threatened hooded plovers and pied oystercatchers, while the fragile dunes are easily impacted by erosion. The Bay of Shoals area has been declared a marine park sanctuary zone in order to help conserve these habitats for a range of resident and migratory species.

Unfortunately some drivers have recently been using the area between the old quarry and Dover Farm as a four-wheel drive track. This has caused significant damage to dunes, coastal vegetation, intertidal platform reefs and the tidal flats, also impacting on other people’s enjoyment of this beautiful, natural area.

All drivers are reminded that as per the Kangaroo Island council by-laws, it is an offence to drive on the beach and foreshore areas around Kangaroo Island (except where specifically allowed, e.g. Emu Bay). It is also an offence to remove or harm any animal or plant (including seaweed and algae) within marine park sanctuary zones. Fines will be issued to anyone found to be deliberately damaging this important ecosystem that is valued by the community.

If you would like to know more about Kangaroo Island marine parks, please visit the website and follow the links to the marine parks information page. Alternatively, you can call the natural resource centre on 08 8553 4444.

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