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The only place in the world where people can walk through a wild Australian sea lion colony is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its guided tours.

To mark the milestone, all former Seal Bay staff were invited to attend a ceremony this morning and will bury a time capsule at the site.


Seal Bay’s first guided tour took place on 27 September 1987.

Now, 10 guided tours leave from the visitor centre every day, with extra sessions during school holidays and on long weekends.

Quotes attributable to Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Minister Ian Hunter

The Seal Bay tours give visitors a truly unforgettable experience, one that’s unique to Kangaroo Island.

There are about 1,000 Australian sea lions – one of the rarest species in the world – at Seal Bay.

This site employs 18 KI locals, including our longest-serving guide, who has been sharing these beautiful animals with guests for 21 years.

Quotes attributable to Tourism Minister Leon Bignell

Seal Bay is one of the must-see sites for all visitors to Kangaroo Island who want to get up close to rare wildlife.

More than 115,000 people visit Seal Bay every year, going down onto the beach with one of our dedicated guides, or doing the self-guided boardwalk tour.

I encourage South Australians who haven’t been here to add it to their travel bucket list and enjoy the whole island and its wildlife and natural beauty.

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