Prescribed burn at Seal Bay Conservation Park

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A prescribed burn is planned at Seal Bay Conservation Park on Kangaroo Island for Wednesday 10 April 2019, weather conditions permitting.

  • The prescribed burn will start at 10.30am and should be complete by 6pm, Thursday 11 April 2019.
  • It will affect about 27 hectares along Seal Bay Road within Seal Bay Conservation Park.
  • Traffic restrictions will be in place along Seal Bay Road.
  • A significant smoke column will be produced during this burn. This is normal for burns of this size and smoke may continue to be visible in the area for several days afterwards.
  • There will be no public access to the fire area during the burn.

The burn will be carried out by the Department for Environment and Water (DEW) with the assistance of the CFS. Crews will remain on site until it is safe to leave and patrols will continue until the site is safe.

The objective of this burn is to reduce fuels in the area to prevent the spread of bushfire. It is part of a state wide program of prescribed burning planned to protect communities and assets at risk.

Prescribed burns will only be carried out when it is deemed safe to do so and may be cancelled at short notice.

For the most up-to-date information on prescribed burns follow @SAENVIRWATER on Twitter.

A list of planned prescribed burns is available on the DEW website.

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