A shave closer to fundraising goal for Thin Green Line

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Having smashed his initial $1,000 fundraising target, Natural Resources Kangaroo Island Fire Management Officer Anthony Sandeman has enlisted the help of Thin Green Line Foundation founder Sean Wilmor to aim for a new goal of $2,500

If Anthony can meet the new goal, both men will shave their beards off on 30 July at the SA Rangers Association Annual Migration in Adelaide.

Anthony says he is blown away by the donations he has already received and is confident that he and Sean can reach the new goal.

‘The generosity of staff and everyone involved never ceases to surprise me - I am over the moon to have smashed my original target. A huge thanks to everyone for their donation and kind generosity,’ Anthony said.

‘People have been making large donations with requests for a Viking beard, glitter beard and even flowers-in-the-beard beard, which my daughter has loved. It’s something I am happy to explore to raise extra funds.

‘With Sean’s generous offer I am confident that we can get close to the new target – with the help of the public,’ Anthony said.

If you’d like to see the appearance of ‘glitter beard’, ‘bobble beard’ or ‘(insert colour here) beard’ for the main event, specify in the comments along with your donation.

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