Board Communique Special Meeting – Sale of Waterfront Crown Land

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Special KI NRM Board meeting to draft submission regarding the proposed disposal of waterfront Crown Land near Pelican Lagoon.

The KI NRM Board met on Thursday 11 January 2018 for a special meeting. The agenda and minutes of board meetings can be found at‐us/nrmboard/meeting‐minutes‐and‐agendas.

Please note minutes of the previous meeting are not placed on the website until the minutes are ratified by the board.

Sale of Waterfront Crown LandThe board called a special meeting to draft a submission regarding the proposed disposal of waterfront Crown Land Section 507 Hundred of Dudley and Lot 1 DP 76540 in the area known as Pelican Lagoon. Members received a verbal report from the Regional Director on the consultation process and next steps.

Primary concerns raised by members in relation to the coastal Crown land included:

* Connectivity /corridors for flora and fauna. It was raised that some recent research indicates the impact roadways and pathways have in disrupting the connectivity of natural habitat

* Keeping the natural corridor between Dudley Peninsula and the rest of the island

* Community’s interpretation of disposal as loss of a community asset.

One member opposed the disposal of the land under any conditions. While the board did not support the sale of Crown land to developers, they would consider a lease arrangement with rigorous conditions providing public access and ensuring that the objectives of the Crown Land Management Act 2009 and Natural Resources Management Act 2004 were met through a management plan or other mechanism.

The board’s submission can be read here: Letter-re-Crown-Land-sale-Trethewey-2018.pdf

If you would like further information on any of the matters raised by the board, please contact Richard Trethewey, Presiding Member, on 0427 594 208 or email:

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