Experience of a lifetime for students of nature

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Observing glossy-back Cockatoos and the elusive Kangaroo Island Dunnarts, dissecting deceased feral cats, and contributing to conservation efforts by sorting seeds in the KI Native Nursery were just a few of the activities that Arlen Pledge and Travis Anderson undertook during their work experience week at the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board (KILB).

Arlen, 15, and Travis, 15, are completing Year 10 at Kangaroo Island Community Education's Kingscote Campus.

They described their work experience week with KILB as: "pretty cool."

"It was pretty humbling, really," Travis said of his experience observing Kangaroo Island Dunnarts and the Glossy Black Cockatoos.

"Not many people get to see these species up close," he said.

Another highlight of their work experience was spending time with the Feral Cat Eradication team. They checked traps on the Dudley Peninsula, a crucial part of the Board's efforts to protect the local wildlife and the sheep industry on Kangaroo Island.

KILB Chair Andrew Heinrich said work experience at KILB is an important way for teenagers to gain insight into the working world and deepen their understanding of environmental values and threats.

"Allowing young people to learn about the natural environment and understanding conservation methods and sustainable management practices is vital in continuing to protect our natural resources," Mr Heinrich said.

For Arlen, the work experience week was an eye-opening experience.

"Thank you, KI Landscape Board, for giving us this opportunity for work experience," Arlen said

"You've shown us things we wouldn't otherwise have seen."

Experience of a lifetime for students of nature
Travis Anderson and Arlen Pledge completed their work experience with the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board in May this year.

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