Goal is within reach for deer eradication program

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Goal is within reach for deer eradication program

Following the huge success of ‘Dob in a deer’, the end is now in sight for the deer eradication program and with the help of the public we can rid Kangaroo Island of this feral invader once and for all.

The public are being called on to dob in a deer one last time!

Thanks in part to the dob in a deer campaign where the public were asked to inform Natural Resources Kangaroo Island (NRKI) of any deer sightings, the population of feral deer on the Island has been reduced to the last remaining few.

In addition to competing with livestock, deer and goats carry disease and graze on ground plants, shrubs and trees, decimating native vegetation and destroying habitat for native wildlife. The vegetation destroyed by these feral invaders is now regrowing thanks to the success of the program.

With the real possibility of full eradication within reach, now is not the time to ease up says Brenton Florance, Feral Animal Control Officer at NRKI.

“We can’t thank the public enough for remaining vigilant on feral animals, the dob in a deer campaign has been hugely successful and we are now very close to KI being deer free.”

If you see a deer, don’t forget to dob it in! Call Brenton Florance on 0427 618 304 as soon as possible after sighting to report its exact location.

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