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The Kangaroo Island community are encouraged to apply for funding through the Kangaroo Island NRM Board sponsorship program.

The Board recently revised its sponsorship policy to improve the process for making funding available to the community and they look forward to collaborating with the KI community on future events and projects.

An application form, which outlines the Board’s requirements has been developed, and the Board now invites the community to apply for sponsorship for the 2017/18 financial year.

Alison Stott, KI Field Day coordinator said that the KI NRM Board sponsorship helped bring interstate guest speaker Ted Langley to the 2016 KI Field Day event, making the speakers tent a diverse and interesting hub for farmers and the community to learn from others producers.

“Ted Langley shared his successes with zero-till and regenerative farming for improved soil health.”

Sponsorship proposals should align with the goals and objectives of the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Plan. The goals being Distinctiveness, Healthy and Resilient Ecosystems, Thriving Community, Vibrant Economy, and Governance and Local Knowledge.

The board encourages not-for-profit organisations and any individual, business or community group within the KI region to apply if they have an event or project that they think has merit and meets the criteria outlined in the application form.

All sponsorship recipients will be required to sign a sponsorship agreement with the Board, which outlines acknowledgements for promotional material and collaborative opportunities.

To find out more, visit the Natural Resources Kangaroo Island sponsorship page and view the regional plan at

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