Permits for keeping domestic pigs on KI

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The Kangaroo Island Landscape Board (the Board) is issuing a timely reminder about the permit process for keeping and transporting domestic pigs.

"The Board implements a domestic pig permit system to improve the management of pigs on KI and reduce the risk of domestic pigs becoming feral," The Board's General Manager Will Durack said.

The Board requires all owners of domestic pigs on Kangaroo Island to have a permit under Section 197 of the Landscape South Australia Act for the possession or transportation of domestic pigs onto or within Kangaroo Island.

Pig owners who possess or bring pigs to Kangaroo Island without having a valid declared animal permit can be fined up to $12,500.

Mr Durack said there is a long history of landholders keeping small numbers of domestic pigs on Kangaroo Island.

"Domestic pigs can be kept safely, provided permit conditions are met, which require stringent containment conditions," Mr Durack said.

"The Board's Feral Animal Control Officer administers the permit system and, as required, enforces compliance action where pigs are not securely enclosed," he said.

Mr Durack said compliance actions are determined based on the level of risk the situation presents.

Mr Durack said a permit holder must notify the Board of a change in ownership of any pig/s within Kangaroo Island before they transfer pig/s to the new owner.

"Physical transfer of animals within Kangaroo Island must not occur until approved in writing by the Board," Mr Durack said.

"There is no cost for a declared animal permit on Kangaroo Island," he said.

However, under the Livestock Act, all South Australian properties where one or more pigs are kept must have a Property Identification Code (PIC) number that lists pigs on the registration. If you don't currently have a PIC or don't currently list pigs on your PIC registration, please see the PIRSA website for more details.

"Any suspected reports of escaped domestic pigs or concerns about containment conditions should be directed to the Board," Mr Durack said.

Mr Durack said the same permit process applies to goats, which are also a declared species on Kangaroo Island.

"We ask the community to remain vigilant in supporting eradication efforts which protect KI's significant agricultural industry and natural environment," Mr Durack said.

"If you need more information, please get in touch with the Board on 8553 2476. We are here to help."

Permits for keeping domestic pigs on KI

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