Weeds to be burnt on Whyalla’s hills

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Whyalla residents may see a lot of smoke next week as individual plants are burnt on Hummock Hill and Rocky Hill for weed control purposes - subject to suitable weather conditions.

The control works, designed to reduce the amount of highly flammable grassy weeds on the hills, will be undertaken by Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula and Whyalla City Council.

Natural Resources Officer Kate Brocklehurst said they will be targeting fountain grass which has taken hold on the hills.

“Fountain grass burns at a higher temperature and faster than many native plants, and this increases the fire threat to the whole hill,” Ms Brocklehurst said.

“If an uncontrolled fire took hold on Hummock Hill we could lose all the native vegetation on the hill and surrounding homes could be threatened.

“With this control work we will be removing the weeds as well as the fire risk.

“We are an experienced team and have done this many times so there is no need to worry. People will see a lot of smoke, but that’s perfectly normal.”

Access to Hummock hill and Rocky Hill will be closed during the control works and there may be a significant amount of smoke.

Find out more about pest plants and fire management.

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