Water meter self-reads in prescribed water areas

If you are a licence or works approval holder, or a water industry entity (i.e. a company or local council that provides a retail water service or a retail sewerage service), you may be required to meter your water and provide us with the meter readings.

Read more about your water reporting requirements below.

Water meter holders in prescribed water areas

Provide a meter self-read

Provide your meter read by submitting a meter reading form.

If you are having trouble using the online meter reading form, please try these hints and tips .

I need help to do a self-read

To do a self-read:

  • You will need your: instrument (water licence/works approval) number, instrument holder name (exactly as it is on the licence) and meter serial number.
  • Open the meter reading form. It can be used on any mobile device and follow the instructions.
  • Enter one name only on the form, even if you have more than one name recorded on your licence.
  • Record the volume displayed on your meter. For more help you can download the 'how to read your meter' fact sheet .
  • Take a photo of your meter when you do your read. This can easily be attached to the form.
  • Call your local office if you are unable to use the online form.

How often do I need to do a self-read?

Check your licence or works approval to see how often you need to submit a self-read. It will be at least annually.

Licence requires an annual read

If your licence requires an annual read, read your meter between 1-14 July and submit by 31 July each year.

Licence requires a quarterly read

If your licence requires a quarterly read, read your meter and submit on the following dates each year:

  • 1-14 October and submit read by end of October
  • 1-14 January and submit read by end of January
  • 1-14 April and submit read by end of April
  • 1-14 July (end of year read) and submit read by end of July.

Water usage advice

Every time you submit a self-read, we will provide you with your water usage advice statement. This will help you monitor your water use activities.

Self-read exceptions

You do not have to do a self-read if you:

  • are not required to meter; however if you do have a meter you can submit readings to us, and the information will be used to inform future management strategies for the water resource.
  • have been granted a deferral on the installation of a meter
  • are still within a grace period for the installation of a meter
  • haven’t yet been issued a licence.

Water industry entities

Water industry entities are required to provide meter readings annually in July, as a minimum.

In some cases, water industry entities may be required to provide meter readings on a more frequent basis, such as quarterly, in accordance with the conditions of their licence or section 105 authorisation.

The licence or authorisation will indicate whether water industry entities are required to collect and submit the meter readings themselves.