Take rules for Lower Angas and Bremer Flood Allocations

Lower Angas Bremer (LAB) allocations can only be taken subject to a first flush rule as defined in the EMLR Water Allocation Plan and on licence conditions. This differs from many water allocations in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges (EMLR) Prescribed Water Resources Area which can be taken at any time.

LAB allocations were only granted to landholders in the lower Angas and Bremer catchments who had historically taken flood water through the use of floodgates and/or flood pumps and/or in-stream weirs.

What are LAB allocations?

LAB allocations are special allocations that allow water licence holders to take water from the Angas or Bremer Rivers during and after high flows. They are granted from outside of the usual consumptive pool that conventional allocations are granted from, on the understanding that some of the water taken will be returned to the river or to red gum swamps.

There are 44 licences with LAB allocations, most of them along the Bremer River. The LAB allocations can be endorsed on licences along with other allocations such as underground water, surface water and conventional watercourse water allocations.

Take rules

Take rules for LAB allocations balance the need for flood flows in the main river channels, the river outflows to the lake, and the river floodplains. Flood flows are required to flow through the main river channels to replenish pools, to flush out salt and debris, and to provide flows into Lake Alexandrina.

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