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A helping hand for threatened birds

17 April 2023

Targeted interventions at 25 priority Hooded Plover nesting territories on Eyre Peninsula has resulted in increased success for the survival of these threatened birds.

Community grants open for priority landscape areas

23 March 2023

More than $110,000 is available for Eyre Peninsula residents to put towards community-based landscape management and environmental protection projects across the region, under the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants.

Shorebirds on show

14 March 2023

Thousands of shorebirds have been counted by volunteers and Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board staff across the vast Eyre Peninsula region during the past month, contributing to local knowledge as well as a national program.

Protecting our valuable saltmarsh communities

11 January 2023

A new video has been released by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board, highlighting the region’s valuable saltmarsh communities that it has been working to protect through a range of management actions including monitoring of threatened Hooded Plovers.

Eyes on popular camping beaches for conservation

14 November 2022

Popular coastal camping areas across the Eyre Peninsula are ear-marked for conservation management works over the next three years under an ‘Eyes on Eyre’ project led by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board in conjunction with Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula and other partners.