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Boom for population of fledged threatened birds’

15 September 2022

As Hooded Plover Appreciation Day is acknowledged on September 16, the results of Eyre Peninsula’s 2021-22 Hooded Plover breeding season have been finalised – and it is great news with more than triple the number of fledged chicks compared to the previous season.

Project extended to overcome Mallee seeps on Eyre Peninsula farms

24 August 2022

A project that has been trialling the keys to managing and restoring Mallee seeps on Eyre Peninsula farms, will continue for another 12 months with the aim of fully restoring demonstration sites and realising the impact of January’s high rainfall event.

Cleaning-up and revegetating our misunderstood saltmarsh

27 June 2022

Saltmarshes are one of the Eyre Peninsula’s most valuable and environmentally sensitive ecosystems however their value is often greatly underestimated with some even using local saltmarsh as a rubbish dumping ground.

Where do birds go in winter?

16 June 2022

The Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is aiming to learn more about the secret winter life of the Hooded Plovers that landscape officers work to protect during the warmer months on local beaches when the birds are breeding.

Mallee seeps: taking back profitable land

26 May 2022

Eyre Peninsula farmers who experience Mallee seeps on their properties in the future, are set to benefit from a three-year project that the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is now finishing up, which has trialled the best management options for local land.

Kimba wildfire affected vegetation well on its way to recovery

23 May 2022

Almost two-and-a half years since two large wildfires burnt 14,000 hectares of bushland near Kimba, a $100,000 vegetation protection project managed by the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board is coming to a close with the affected land well on its way to recovery.