Landscape Levy

What is funded by my levy payment?

Your Landscape Levy is used to fund programs and community activities in the SA Arid Lands region and to obtain funding from government and industry to increase community outcomes.

Take a look at the activities funded by your Landscape Levy payment in 2022/23

Who collects the Landscape Levy?

Local councils collect the regional (land-based) Landscape Levy annually from their ratepayers and forward the collected funds to the board. The levy is shown separately on council rates notices. The board will collect the levy directly from landholders who live outside council areas.

How are Landscape rates determined?

The board identifies the key Landscape priorities within the region in partnership with its stakeholders, and through its Business Plan review, it recommends the amount of funding to be raised through the levy. The Minister for Environment and Water reviews the recommendations made by the board before adopting the Business Plan.

In out-of-council areas the land-based levy is based on area of rateable land with 2023/24 levy amounts set for:

  • $76.41 per rateable property <10 ha
  • $267.43 per rateable property 10ha - <100 ha
  • $534.86 per rateable property 100ha - <100,000 ha
  • $916.89 per rateable property 100,000 ha or greater.

For residents in council areas it is a fixed charge per rateable property and set to align with residents of outside council areas who own less than 10 hectares.

These arrangements mean those with more land pay more than those with less land – so a pastoral lessee pays more than a township property owner.

Do you own land outside a council area?

All landholders in outside council areas in the SA Arid Lands will receive:

  • an invoice
  • a brochure with the Board’s funded activities for 2022/23

Payments can be made

  • via credit card over the phone by calling (08) 8429 9666
  • via cheque posted to PO BOX 297, Port Augusta SA 5700
  • in person via credit card or cheque at the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board office at 1 Jervois Street, Port Augusta (opposite Gladstone Square)
Should you have any queries regarding payment of the levy or to advise us of any changes to the details, please contact the board on 8429 9666 or via email

Are you a primary producer with more than two pieces of non-adjoining rateable land in the region?

You may be eligible to apply to have your ‘farm’ classified as a ‘Single Farm Enterprise’. This means that your single farm enterprise would attract only one levy against all of your land.

Further information on your eligibility for a 'Single Farm Enterprise' classification can be sought from Kristie Vater on (08) 8429 9651 or via email