Since 2009, the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board has coordinated the Biteback program to assist regional land managers with best practice control for wild dogs. The program aims to develop land manager capacity through coordinated landscape-scale wild dog control, and reduce impacts from wild dogs to pastoral productivity.

Land managers with similar geography and land systems are encouraged to work together in cooperative groups that share knowledge and skills by coordinating integrated best-practice control methods that include ground baiting, trapping and shooting to reduce wild dog impacts.

Biteback provides land managers with bi-annual 1080 wild dog bait-injection services, access to manufactured baits throughout the year, encourages the monitoring of wild dog activity, training opportunities for a range of integrated wild dog control methods and advice on future management, upcoming technologies and interstate developments.

The program is funded by the SA Sheep Industry Fund and the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board's Landscape Levy.

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