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Meet our members

Community representatives

Ross Sawers has been appointed by the Minister for Environment and Water as the Presiding Member of the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board.

His role will be to support the establishment of the new Landscape Board and implement the government’s NRM reform agenda.

Ross has also been appointed to oversee the SA Arid Lands NRM Board as a single member board up until 1 July 2020. This will involve administering the Natural Resources Management Act 2004 in the lead up to the commencement of the new Landscape South Australia Act 2019.

This arrangement ensures certainty and a smooth transition for communities and land users across the regions, with current NRM services continuing to be delivered as normal until new the Act officially commences.

Following 1 July 2020, the NRM Act and Board will no longer exist and be replaced by the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board, with Ross Sawers as presiding member.

For more information visit the Landscape SA website.


Ross Sawers

Presiding Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Ross has worked in consultancy for the mining, oil and gas industry in South Australia and the Northern Territory since 2006, starting his time in the industry at Prominent Hill.

Ross has a family pastoral property in the North East Pastoral district of SA and is well known around the region in both pastoral and mining networks.

He has held a number of roles, including for the Northern Regional Development Board, in youth employment and in the wool industry.

He was a Board Member of the SA Arid Lands Natural Resource Management Board for eight years, until two years ago and is also a former Board Member of the Regional Development Australia Far North (SA) Board.

A practitioner of land access and community relations, Ross is able to quickly identify key issues and develop suitable strategies to ensure organisations are able to achieve key outcomes.

He also has experience in communicating and establishing networks with indigenous, farming and local communities with a long history and understanding of the more remote and isolated communities across South Australia.


Ellen Litchfield

Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Ellen Litchfield is a pastoralist, Nuffield Scholar and veterinarian.

She jointly runs Wilpoorinna Station, a large cattle property in the Marree Innamincka district, and has previously served a one-year term on the former SA Arid Lands NRM Board.

Dr Litchfield has a Masters in sustainable agriculture in the SA rangelands and brings valuable research, skills, and networks to the Board supported by both grassroots and academic knowledge.


Tim Flowers

Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Tim Flowers works in environmental management within the petroleum sector and brings a broad understanding of the mining and extraction industries in the SA Arid Lands region.

A scientist with an extensive career in environmental management in both government and industry Mr Flowers is passionate about finding the balance between industry and environment.


Kurt Tschirner

Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Kurt Tschirner holds a diverse range of skills as a land manager in conservation and wildlife management. He has been a practitioner in both the non-government conservation sector and in natural resources management.

He is experienced in pest plant and animal control and arid lands management, combined with business and project management skills.

A resident of Quorn, Mr Tschirner oversees a conservation property with Bush Heritage Australia in the North East Pastoral district.


Douglas Lillecrapp

Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Douglas Lillecrapp is a pastoralist from Todmorden Station in the Marla Oodnadatta district.

A highly credentialed land manager with a focus on sustainable rangeland management, Mr Lillecrapp has an innate understanding of the complex and unique land systems that make up the northern part of the SAAL region.

A long history in advocacy over many years has seen Mr Lillecrapp serve on the SA Farmers Federation, serve as the inaugural chair of the Soil Conservation Board and as a former chair of the Marla Oodnadatta NRM Group.

Mr Lillecrapp was also a member on the initial steering group for the 2009 Far North Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan and brings invaluable knowledge of the wells area along with an historical understanding.


Sanchia Treloar

Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Sanchia Treloar runs a sheep pastoral business over three pastoral leases with her husband in the North East Pastoral Zone.

A long time contributor to sustainable land management for both production and environmental values, Ms Treloar has served on the North East Pastoral NRM Group for a number of years where she has provided clear leadership, organisation and a willingness to serve her community.

A board member for the RFDS and numerous community organisations, Ms Treloar is invested in community development activities to sustain remote and isolated lifestyles.

Ms Treloar is a next generation pastoralist who has a contemporary understanding of the business facets in addition to the land management requirements of pastoralism.


Scott Michael

Member, SA Arid Lands Landscape Board

Scott Michael is a pastoralist with a number of sheep and cattle grazing properties in the Gawler Ranges and Flinders Ranges districts.

Mr Michael is known as an innovator and ‘early adopter’ of new methods and technologies in pastoralism and land management practices. These skills have come to the fore through his membership on the Gawler Ranges NRM Group where he has demonstrated his leadership and drive in supporting neighbouring properties to adopt technologies.

Mr Michael is an active contributor to his community and engages with Livestock SA, and other pastoral industry forums and networks.