Working with volunteers at your property

SA Arid Lands (SAAL) Volunteer Program is encouraging private land managers, such as pastoralists, Aboriginal communities and progress associations, to use volunteers on their properties or in their towns to assist with landscape management activities.

Our Volunteer Program works with volunteer groups involved in landscape management in the region and can provide advice to land managers about finding volunteers, planning for a volunteer activity, insurance cover, funding opportunities, and technical advice.

We support a number of land managers and volunteer groups and we know that some of our volunteers are keen to connect with new volunteer experiences elsewhere in the region.

How can volunteers help you?

Working with Volunteers explains how you could use the help of volunteers on your property.

In a region where there are few hands to look after vast amounts of country, Working with Volunteers provides pastoralists and other land managers with the confidence to collaborate with volunteers.

In return for accommodation, volunteers can help with all sorts of activities, including weed and erosion control, fencing, revegetation, wildlife and vegetation monitoring, surveys, and threatened species conservation.