Building Pastoral Sustainability project

Building Pastoral Sustainability project

The Building Pastoral Sustainability (BPS) project is designed to build on the capacity and resilience of pastoral businesses in the SA Arid Lands to adapt to future climate and market variability. Throughout the three-year project the pastoral industry will be supported to develop and promote sustainable businesses and a regionally strong and competitive industry.

A focus of the BPS project will be promoting and supporting pastoral businesses to adapt to varying climates, innovate using technology and new management practices, and consider options for business diversification.

There are a number of different ways for pastoral land managers to participate in the project, from attending an event, or applying for a grant, through to taking part in the one-year Property Management Planning program.

Key features of the BPS project are:

  • Property Management Planning program – includes establishing personal business drivers, property mapping, financial analysis, and developing an action plan
  • Grants
  • Field Days
  • Sticky Beak Days and Training
  • Peer-to-peer learning

A copy of the prospectus, detailing the program and its components, is available here

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October 2020 - New Pastoral Project begins, Page 18

December 2020 - Grant projects to build pastoral sustainability.

April 2021 - First round of property mapping program almost complete, Page 6; Regenerative grazing at Buckleboo, Page 7.

June 2021 - Property Managing Planning program opens; North East Pastoral Field Day success; Five new projects receive sustainability grants.

October 2021 - Field day planned for December, Page 18; Outback Ladies Day in Quorn, Page 19; Cattle weighing trial promising Page 20; New property planning round starts, Page 21.

December 2021 - Region-wide field day a resounding success

April 2022 - Field day leads to new projects Page 6-7; BPS grants projects, Pages 20-21

July 2022 - Manage Cows from Space

Property Management Planning

This four stage PMP program looks at your personal business drivers, develop a comprehensive property map and plan, conduct a financial analysis of your business and plan the way forward for implementing change.

While the development of a comprehensive environmental mapping plan is key to the process, the program goes further to help participants identify their personal motivation and business drivers, as well as work with a professional to develop a financial business management report. All personal financial details shared between participants and the advisers are confidential and are not available to the Board or its staff. At the end of the program, all properties will finish with an Action Plan.

Read case studies from the PMP program in the Impact Evaluation 2023.

Six places were offered in the fourth and final round of the Property Management Planning program in 2023/24, funded by the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board. Applications are now closed.

Building Pastoral Sustainability project

Building Pastoral Sustainability Grants

Grants for pastoral businesses to trial management practices and technologies to better adapt to varying climates and markets, and improve the sustainability of businesses are also included in the Building Pastoral Sustainability Project.

The funding pool was doubled in the third grant round, with a total funding pool of $180,000 available.

Grant funding was awarded to five projects.

  • Technique trials for erosion control - Holowiliena Station
  • Introduction of a controlled Grazing Program - Moolooloo Station
  • Stemming the funnel effect of the watercourses feeding into the Aliena Creek - Merna Mora Station
  • Trialling a wifi tag system that can be used on both cattle and sheep and for use by staff during mustering - Millers Creek; and
  • Use of EiD technology in a commercial sheep operation - Gum Creek

Work has begun on these projects and is expected to be completed by June 2023.

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The Building Pastoral Sustainability Grants are delivered by the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board, through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Program.

Building Pastoral Sustainability project