Recovering Eroded Land

Recovering Eroded Land in SA’s Pastoral Zone

In 2018 the SA Arid Lands region secured funding to run a year-long Landscape Legacies Project that was able to capture and share stories of successful soil rehabilitation. The project was supported by SA Arid Lands NRM Board through funding from the Australia Government’s National Landcare Program.

The 12-month program collected historical data to capture stories from sites where soil management works had occurred over the past four decades.

The project enabled land managers and people living in the SA Arid Lands and other Rangeland environments to learn from tried and tested soil management works on arid properties prior to starting or expanding their own projects.

There was opportunity for land managers to engage with industry experts to understand the effectiveness of different soil management practices and look at ways to improve retention of soil moisture and perennial vegetation on their properties.

Case studies were created from properties that actively took part in soil management works that included reseeding, and mechanical techniques including pitting, contour ripping, water ponding and diversions. These case studies show case best-practice soil management activities from around the region, and are available to download below.

Case studies