Education kit

The Education Kit was developed for local teachers and schools to plan learning experiences for year 3-6 students. Information is locally relevant and will help young people learn more about the existing natural resources management (NRM) projects in the SA Arid Lands (SAAL) region involving our water resources, native vegetation, threatened species, weeds and feral pests. The kit can also help them develop their own NRM projects.

The kit has been compiled by primary school teachers now working in the field of natural resource management.

Supporting photos are also available on request. Please contact the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board office.

Native species fact sheets for students

Andy the Ant

Andy the Ant’s Arid Adventures is a fun activity pad to help school-aged kids understand the natural resources of the amazing SAAL region. If you are travelling through the region it is particularly ideal for keeping the kids engaged – and occupied!

Follow Andy the Ant across the region and meet Robby the Rascally Rabbit, Camilla Camel, Barry the Bearded Dragon, Wanda the Wedge-Tailed Eagle, and Pete and Pam the Pastoralists, then test your knowledge with games, including sudoku, crosswords, dot-to-dot and find-a-word. And, while you're travelling through the region, keep your eyes peeled and tick off the plants and animals you see using the spot-o-cards.

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You can download Andy the Ant's Arid Adventures.

How did you go?

So you've read Andy the Ant's Arid Adventures and completed all the games. Want to know how you went? Here's an answer sheet, but no cheating!

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