Landscape Board communiques

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Landscape Board Meeting February 2021


  • The draft SA Arid Lands 5-year Regional Landscape Plan has been released for consultation.
  • Following the adoption of the Far North Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan by Minister Speirs, the board was notified of next steps in the program to implement the plan. 
  • Pastoral Board members joined the SA Arid Lands Board at the February meeting to discuss topics of interest to both boards.
  • MP Dan van Holst Pellekaan joined the meeting to exchange information relating to the board's current priorities.

Landscape Board Meeting November 2020


  • The Board commits to a partnership tackling biosecurity issues.
  • Development of the new regional Landscape Plan is continuing. 
  • Wild Dog baiting takes to the skies.

Landscape Board Meeting September 2020


  • Milestone reached as the final draft of the Water Allocation Plan for the Far North Prescribed Wells was sent to the Minister.
  • Overwhelming response to the Board's Grassroots Grants program.
  • New district for the SA Arid Lands with the addition of Port Augusta and Quorn to the region.
  • Discussion of the Board's role in the management of Kangaroo numbers.

Landscape Board Meeting July 2020


  • The final draft of the Far North Prescribed Wells Area Water Allocation Plan was presented to the Board.
  • Board representatives were appointed to district Landscape Groups.
  • Partnerships, engagement and participation with First Nations people in the region, as well as options for future engagement opportunities were discussed.
  • Members of the SA Arid Lands board were joined by members of the Eyre Peninsula Landscape Board for a finance and governance induction.




Communiques of the former SA Arid Lands NRM Board are available here