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Landscape Groups

District-based Landscape Groups provide an important link between local communities and the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board . Group members are local people who ensure that there is community input into the development and delivery of the Plan for the region. Groups also help people in the community to care for the environment and use natural resources sustainably by building awareness, skills and networks.

There are seven Landscape Groups in the SA Arid lands region:

A map of all districts is available here

Group meetings

Group meetings are held at regular intervals across the region. If you have any queries about the groups, please contact the relevant Community Landscape Officer

Group members

Gawler Ranges

  • Kate Greenfield (Chair)
  • Denise Sharp
  • Lesley Koch
  • Brenton French
  • Amanda Michael
  • Board rep: Scott Michael.
  • Chris Fulton (Community Landscape Officer):
    Phone: 0477 307 038

Gawler Ranges District Action Plan


  • David Hunter
  • Tina Law
  • Ronel Jit
  • Nathan Manders
  • Leila Day
  • Conan Fahey
  • Dylan Maidment
  • Board rep: Kurt Tschirner; Proxy Scott Michael
  • Hamish Longbottom (Community Landscape Officer):
    Phone: 0408 807 498

Kingoonya District Action Plan


  • Josh Haynes (Chair)
  • Jayne-Marie Barns
  • Frank Warren
  • Mark Mayfield
  • Lyn Litchfield
  • Craig Oldfield
  • Lisa Edwards
  • Proxies: Arthur Ah Chee
  • Board rep: Douglas Lillecrapp; Proxy Ellen Litchfield
  • Charlie Eager (Community Landscape Officer):
    Phone: 0437 795 792

Marree-Innamincka District Action Plan


  • Jacqueline Williams (Chair)
  • Francesca Fennell
  • Caroline Thomas
  • Greg Warren
  • Shontelle Lennon
  • Donnagh Clarke
  • Proxy: Christine Lennon
  • Board reps: Ellen Litchfield; Proxy Douglas Lillecrapp
  • Hamish Longbottom (Community Landscape Officer):
    Phone: 0408 807 498

Marla Oodnadatta District Action Plan

North Flinders

  • Ian Ferguson (Chair)
  • Ngatina Sylvanius
  • Reg Wilton
  • Mopsy Daniels
  • Gini Lee
  • Mija Reynolds
  • Proxy: Glenys Aird, Tracy Neldner
  • Board rep: Eric Brown; Proxy Kurt Tschirner
  • Matt Westover (Community Landscape Officer):
    Phone: 0438 816 210

North Flinders District Action Plan

North East Pastoral

  • Richard Williams (Chair)
  • Nick Rasheed
  • Wayne Burford
  • Mark Duncan-Tiver
  • Tim Zwiersen
  • Timothy Taplin
  • Board rep: Sanchia Treloar; Proxy Ellen Litchfield
  • Charlie Eager (Community Landscape Officer)
    Phone: 0437 795 792

North East Pastoral District Action Plan

Port Augusta-Quorn

  • Renata Hackett (Chair)
  • Melissa Clifton
  • Adrian Paynter
  • Kym Thomas
  • Francene O'Connor
  • Steve Marafiote
  • Board rep: Kurt Tschirner; Proxy Eric Brown
  • Brett Devitt (Community Landscape Officer):
    Phone: 0409 753 495

Port Augusta Quorn District Action Plan

Port Augusta-Quorn Newsletter

Soil Board plans

Prior to the community-based Landscape Board, and the former SA Arid Lands NRM Board, each of the districts in the SA Arid Lands region had a community-based Soil Conservation Board. The SAAL Landscape Board recognises that many in the region still utilise the information in the Soil Board Plans and the information continues to inform planning processes around the SA Arid Lands Regional Plan.