Animals in distress

Occasionally we receive enquiries regarding the rescue and care of sick, injured or orphaned native animals. In these situations you should contact your nearest veterinarian or wildlife carer organisation. All native animals should be assessed prior to any rescue attempts as it can be distressing for the animal and the person attempting the rescue.

Please do not bring sick, injured or orphaned wildlife into the Natural Resources Centre, as we do not have the facilities or skills to care for animals.

Further information

Springtime is a busy time!

We share our environment with nature and spring is the most active time for native animals of all descriptions. Snakes, sleepy lizards, shinglebacks and birds of all types are looking for food, breeding and raising young.

  • Birds - If you find a native birds nest containing eggs or chicks that is in an inconvenient location, we encourage you to wait until the chicks have left the nest before removing it. Nests of native birds with eggs or chicks is protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. In some circumstances, you can apply for a destruction of wildlife permit.
  • Snakes - In early spring, snakes become more active looking for food, breeding and basking in the sun to warm up. If a snake finds its way into your house remain calm (to avoid disturbing it), do not attempt to catch or kill it, as most snake bites occur in this activity. Close all the internal doors inside your house and block any gaps (rolled up towels work well) and open external doors to allow the snake to exit. In South Australia, all snakes are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972. Where a snake has attacked or is attacking any person it is lawful to humanely kill the snake without any permit or authority under this Act. To find a licensed snake catcher, look under snake on the white pages directory.

Local snake catchers servicing Port Augusta and surrounding areas:

  • 08 8641 9100 – Port Augusta City Council and available in business hours only. A fee of $150 applies for this service.
  • 0447 669 782 – Joel Hillman (lives in Quorn. Call out fee and fuel fees may apply.)