Conservation stewardship – a new business opportunity for pastoralists

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Expressions of interest are being sought from pastoralists in the SA Arid Lands region who are interested in managing land for conservation on their properties in return for a financial incentive.

Posted 24 October 2014.

This new one-year stewardship trial – the first of its kind in South Australia – is being delivered by Natural Resources SA Arid Lands with assistance from the Native Vegetation Council.

It will provide a financial incentive to support landholders to diversify their pastoral business through conservation stewardship with the incentive designed to offset any impacts on pastoral production.

“In the boom and bust environment of the arid lands, diversification has become a key management strategy for pastoralists to reduce risk and to help safeguard against highly fluctuating incomes,” said Mr Stuart Paul, Regional Manager, Natural Resources SA Arid Lands.

“The stewardship project provides a new and innovative way for pastoralists to diversify their income, while managing an area of their property for conservation purposes.”

Through the program, areas set aside for conservation will provide long-term protection for our region’s significant plants, animals and habitats and enable pastoralists to actively support their survival as part of a viable pastoral business.

The value of the incentive will be established through negotiation with the landholder and will depend on the term of the agreement and the characteristics of the land set aside for conservation.

“The program recognises that pastoralists are among the best placed to manage these areas with their intimate local knowledge of their land,” said Mr Paul.

The expressions of interest are open to registered holders of a pastoral lease within the SA Arid Lands region who are operating a grazing business.

The financial incentive will represent fair value for any estimated foregone pastoral production and will be paid as a lump sum on signing of a contract.

Pastoralists who receive an incentive payment will sign an agreement which will be fixed to the property’s lease for the remaining term of the lease, or a minimum of 17 years.

Landholders interested in participating will need to submit an Expression of Interest form by 19 December 2014.

For more information contact us.

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