Fresh injection for wild dog control

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Land managers in the SA Arid Lands will have additional tools to combat wild dogs this year thanks to a fresh injection of funds for the SAAL NRM Board’s wild dog control programs.

Posted 01 July 2015.

This $275,000 funding injection from the Australian Government to combat pest problems associated with drought conditions will be delivered by Livestock SA to the Board’s Biteback program to allow for the extension of key wild dog control initiatives.

“The NRM Board has been supporting wild dog management in the region for some time having directed a portion of its land-based NRM levy to the Biteback program for wild dog control since the program’s initiation in 2009,” said Ms Janet Brook, Presiding Member of the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board

“This year land managers inside (south of) the Dog Fence have taken advantage of trapper training workshops and had access to a professional dogger,” she said.

“These latest funds will allow us to extend those programs into the new financial year as well as extend the second wild dog officer in the region and provide additional support to Biosecurity SA’s aerial baiting program.”

“Wild dogs continue to be a significant threat to the South Australian livestock industry and the livelihoods of pastoralists in the SA Arid Lands region and it’s critical that we do our bit to stem their flow south from our region,” said Ms Brook.

“Our partnership with Livestock SA – and the existing one with the South Australian Sheep Advisory Group and Biosecurity SA – are terrific examples of how industry, government and land managers can partner to tackle a land management issue.”

Geoff Power, President of Livestock SA and chair of the SA Wild Dog Advisory Group, praised the funding and the partnership approach to wild dog management.

“Like the SAAL NRM Board, Livestock SA values the collaborative partnership with Biosecurity SA and the South Australian Sheep Advisory Group, it’s a great example of how government and industry can work together, Mr Power said.

“We are pleased the funding will assist with the continuation of present programs and we are hopeful some of this funding will support another dog trapper.”

North (outside of) the Dog Fence, land managers continue to have access to subsidised manufactured baits and volunteer shooters.

The latest $275,000 comes on top of $300,000 in State and Australian Government drought assistance provided to the Board by Livestock SA last year to step up strategic management of wild dog impacts in the region. For further information call the Natural Resources Centre in Port Augusta 8648 5300.

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