Early intervention important for weed control

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Early intervention important for weed control

Posted 27 November 2020.

The importance of early intervention on weed control was discussed with rangers during a visit to the Nantawarrina Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in November.

Sharing information with the rangers were Weeds Botanist Chris Brodie from the State Herbarium, PIRSA’s Newly Established Weeds Facilitator Shannon Robertson and SAAL’s North Flinders Community Landscape Officer Matt Westover visited the IPA during a trip around the North Flinders district.

A variety of weed specimens were collected at different sites on the property, with a focus on high risk area like campgrounds, yards, dams and high traffic areas where surveillance and control options were discussed.

Many weed specimens were collected to add to the State Herbarium’s collection and control strategies were discussed for species including caltrop, horehound and Bathurst Burr.

The visit was a follow up to a similar visit in 2019 and helps to build on the IPA’s weed management program and encourage rangers to be on the lookout for new, invasive weeds.

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