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Eighty-one landholders received a hands on demonstration of the newest tool for controlling wild dogs and foxes, the Canid Pest Ejector. The demonstrations delivered by Wild Dog Project officers were held as part of Biteback’s biannual injection services in the Kingoonya, Gawler Ranges, North Flinders and North East Pastoral districts during April and May.

Posted 31 May 2016.

The Canid Pest Ejector (CPE), which has been registered for use in Australia by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, is a spring-loaded device that uses a bait head and a 1080 poison capsule to administer the dose into the mouth of a fox or wild dog when the bait head is pulled.

Highly target specific to foxes and wild dogs, the devices can only be activated by animals with a jaw pull strength of greater than 1.6 kilograms thereby limiting offtarget mortalities.

Unlike meat baits the ejectors are fixed in position by being inserted into the ground and cannot easily be moved from their location, and while the ejectors remain fully toxic for extended periods when they are set, they can quickly be deactivated rendering them harmless.

The CPE provides an additional tool that can be used in conjunction with normal baiting in areas of high wild dog activity.

The CPE is also an ideal device for using in areas where working dogs are operating; landholders need to know where they are located so they may deactivate them before working in the area.

Dummy pepper capsules are also available that can be used to train working and pet dogs not to pull on the device.

It is also recommended that the devices are checked every few weeks to see if they are being triggered and to replace any used capsules.

Warning signs and neighbour notification provisions are still legally required, as per current baiting practices, and training will be required before using.

Landholders that missed out on training at the last injection services can see the devices in action at trapper trainings in the Kingoonya and North Flinders districts in late May and early June, and at future injection services in the spring.

Natural Resources SA Arid Lands is currently selling the CPEs at a subsidised price of $37.70 through Drought Assistance Funding; they can be ordered in the same way as manufactured baits. The capsules used in the device are currently sold at the full price of $66 for 50 capsules.

In brief...

Mapping a success

A big thank you to the 73 per cent of properties inside (south of) the Dog Fence who sent in their maps with wild dog sightings. This is the most maps that have been returned since Biteback started! The data provided is important in providing a snapshot of dog movements across the region and highlights hot spots which helps the Wild Dog Management Team focus their efforts. Feedback on the mapping was provided to landholders at recent injection services.

Local Area Planning (LAP) groups

Local Area Plans, which outline the minimum control efforts for each of the 21 Local Area Planning Groups that operate inside the Dog Fence have been sent out to LAP Group members in the Kingoonya and Gawler Ranges districts. Members of the groups who have yet to return the plan are asked to review, sign and return them to the Wild Dog Management Team as soon as possible.

Trapping workshops

Following last year’s highly successful trapping workshops, Paul Billsborough (Wild Pest Management) is returning to deliver two more workshops in the Kingoonya and North Flinders districts.

The two day workshops at Commonwealth Hill Station on 23 & 24 May and Oraparinna on 31 May & 1 June will cover tools, tips and techniques for trapping. This includes information on basic equipment for trapping, using wild dogs as lures, trap setting and your legal responsibilities.

If you miss out on these workshops, funding for two more trapper workshops in the next financial year has been approved – so keep an eye out for dates in the future.

For more information on Wild Dog news, Canid Pest Ejectors or to order your devices and capsules contact the Wild Dog Management Team, Natural Resources SA Arid Lands 8648 5300.

SAAL NRM Board, Natural Resources SA Arid Lands, Livestock SA, Australian Government

Article originally published in Across the Outback (May 2016)

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