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Exploring partnerships with the Native Vegetation Council

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SA Arid Lands Landscape Board and Native Vegetation Council (NVC) members met during the June board meeting to explore opportunities for furthering a partnership between the two organisations.

Members of the Native Vegetation Council (NVC) met with the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board at its June Board meeting to explore opportunities for furthering a partnership where the work of the two bodies can connect.

It was identified that both the board and the council have a focus on building a natural environment that can withstand climate extremes; to protect and enhance biodiversity and to engage and collaborate with First Nations people.

As accredited third party providers for the Native Vegetation Council, the SAAL Board is able to work directly with industry and landholders to support projects within the region.

The board and council had a productive conversation on future partnership options and how together, opportunities can be afforded to landholders and industry bodies in the region to support offset and stewardship opportunities and promote these opportunities to the region more broadly.

The council is an independent seven member statutory body that has powers, functions and duties prescribed by the Native Vegetation Act 1991 and is responsible for regulating clearance of native vegetation across South Australia.

Fittingly, the NVC and the board undertook a tour of the local Sundrop Farm which showcased a model of how offsets for industry clearance can be reinvested back into the environment and green economies.

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