Exploring sustainable and nutritious food options

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Kangaroo products take centre stage at the Quorn Kurti Festival

The Quorn Kurti Festival, held in October, was not just a celebration of native Australian cuisine but also a platform for promoting organic and sustainably harvested kangaroo products.

Attendees at the festival's bush food garden sessions were treated to a unique experience with the inclusion of Kangaroo shaslicks, yiros, burgers, sausages, and a delectable roo tail stew to the menu.

A substantial contribution to the festival was made through the supply of 98kg of kangaroo products by the Kangaroo Partnership Project (KPP). The initiative supported Port Augusta processor Crossroad Meats with aims to showcase the locally-processed and lean protein option to the community.

With the goal of increasing the presence of kangaroo menu items at festivals and events, this initiative was inspired by the KPP grant recipient project, the Kangaroo Management Collective Pilot—a collaborative effort among Gawler Ranges property owners and managed by South Gap Station owner Kate Greenfield.

This focused on effective kangaroo population management across 17 properties, distributing harvest tags based on the individual property’s need and addressing the challenges of lagging demand for kangaroo products by subsidising the harvested kangaroo meat to businesses.

By partnering with local enterprises, the project not only stimulated interest but also provided a nutritious and budget-friendly protein source to the community. The hope is that this project will evolve into a self-sustaining network that outlasts the Kangaroo Partnership Program, and serve as a model for similar initiatives in other regions.

To see footage from the festival, follow A Kangaroo Conversation.

Exploring sustainable and nutritious food options

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