GAB projects wrapping up

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Landholders who received grants to improve GAB infrastructure as part of the Improving Great Artesian Basin Drought Resilience (IGABDR) program have until the end of March 2024 to complete their projects.

Funding was provided on a cost sharing basis for the installation and maintenance of wells and the associated distribution networks for landholders accessing water from the Great Artesian Basin. It allowed for the replacement of aging wells, decommissioning of wells, the replacement of aging water distribution infrastructure and the installation of water-tight distribution systems.

Across the SA Arid Lands, 31 GAB infrastructure projects have been undertaken. These have included well repairs, ageing well and surface infrastructure replacement, replacing open flows with water tight infrastructure such as headworks, tanks, troughs and poly pipe and flow controls to assist in water point management and reduce water loss.

The Commonwealth Government’s IGABDR program has been operating since 2019 and has saved the equivalent of more than four Olympic sized swimming pools of water every day.

GAB projects wrapping up

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