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A formal partnership developed for the Kangaroo partnership project will allow for grants to trial ideas to manage overabundance of kangaroos.

The Kangaroo Partnership Project has completed its fundamental first stage with the creation of a formal partnership model equipped to tackle the issues of kangaroo overabundance across SA.

The formal partnership was achieved through a series of stakeholder engagement workshops in April which will also see grants available to trial ideas to manage overabundance of roos

More than 50 cross-sector representatives from around the state attended a two-part facilitated, online workshop series. A broad range of stakeholders were involved in the workshops including from the kangaroo industry, conservation, animal welfare, land managers and government. The workshops were designed to strengthen project goals with key stakeholder involvement, and increase understanding of the issues and opportunities. Through participation from the many stakeholders the workshops fostered project ownership including a commitment to achieving a range of project targets to improve kangaroo management.

As a result of the workshops, a new grant-funding program has been developed which will be overseen by the Kangaroo Partnership Project Steering Committee and SA Arid Lands Landscape Board.

Funding for up to $15,000 per project will soon be available for kangaroo management projects relating, but not limited to, trials and demonstrations, research and development, education and awareness raising, and innovative ideas.

Project ideas may apply to sectors such as farming, conservation and landscape management, animal welfare, and industry operations, or a collaboration between a number of sector partners. Consideration of increased funding amounts may be given to projects that demonstrate significant collaboration between organisations, businesses and individuals in the sector in an effort to encourage a shared responsibility for creating long-term solutions. A funding pool of $90,000 is available.

Stakeholders who participated in the workshop series contributed more than 20 project ideas that are either in the concept stage or already underway, and the Project Steering Committee is now determining how the partnership can bolster support for existing efforts, or assist to develop ideas into on-ground projects.

The workshop series was the first of many planned opportunities to contribute to the Kangaroo Partnership Project, and newly-appointed Kangaroo Partnership Project coordinator Emily Gregg is encouraging feedback, knowledge and ideas by interested members of the public. All potential funding applicants are also encouraged to reach out to discuss their application with Emily.

The grants will be released late in July and will include guidelines for applying. You can keep up to date with progress, seek further information or nominate your interest in applying by contacting project coordinator Emily Gregg at

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