New 10-year NRM Plan for SA Arid Lands released

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A new 10-year strategy for managing natural resources in the SA Arid Lands region was launched by the SA Arid Lands Natural Resources Management Board today in Port Augusta.

Posted 25 July 2017.

The Regional NRM Plan – It’s your place: a roadmap for managing natural resources in the SA Arid Lands region 2017-2027 – provides guidance for the planning, actions and investments of all communities, industries and government involved in natural resources management in the region.

According to Ms Janet Brook, Presiding Member of the SAAL NRM Board, the new Plan builds on progress made and new knowledge gained through delivery of the 2010 version.

“The role of the Board is to manage the region’s natural resources – our plants, animals, soils and water – using an approach that supports the outback industries, communities and landscapes that we value.”

“Through the Plan, the Board has introduced a systems approach to natural resources management which shifts the focus from targeting individual assets – soils, plants, animals, water, industries, people, towns – to considering how these interact as a system, what is driving change to those systems, and the extent to which our systems are able to sustain how we work and play in the region.”

It’s an approach that leverages significantly on community values while also taking into account new research, policies and legislation, and strengthening the region’s response to climate change.

“This new approach acknowledges the diversity of views and values that our community holds about our region, combining these with local knowledge and scientific research,” said Ms Brook.

“It allows us to work in partnership with our communities and industries to make evidence-based decisions to navigate change and to prioritise the management actions we take in the region.”

The Regional NRM Plan - which includes a 10 year strategy and 3-year Business Plan – is available at or by contacting the Natural Resources Centre 8648 5300.

The new Plan took effect from 1 July 2017.

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