New projects will manage goats and kangaroos

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Three new projects in the SA Arid Lands region will work to control feral goats, manage kangaroos and increase native vegetation and biodiversity across the region, after the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board received $950,000 from the Landscape Priorities Fund,

Coordinating management of rangeland goats will focus on landscape scale management and will ensure a coordinated blanked effort is implement to address the issue. It will be achieved through the appointment of a State Goat Management Coordinator, formally establishing a network and harness capability across rangeland regions, and collaboration with market, First Nations people, land managers, Native Title holders and policy makers.

The Kangaroo Partnership Project – improve landscape and community resilience in South Australia will build on the coordinated partnership approach successfully developed by the previously funded project and further refine and target project efforts. It will explore new kangaroo management pathways, coordinated land manager engagement and support, increase public understanding and social licence for issue solutions and share knowledge with natural resource management organisations, government departments, landholders and relevant stakeholders to alight at a state and national level.

Working with land managers to increase native vegetation and biodiversity across the SA Arid Lands will fund the region’s involvement in the future Nature Repair Market outlined in the Federal Government’s Nature Positive Plan. It will provide opportunities for increase restoration of groundcover and ecosystems by supporting environmental repair across both production and environmental contexts and will work with land managers on emerging nature repair markets, native vegetation offsets and land management to increase groundcover and biodiversity.

SAAL Landscape Board Presiding Member Douglas Lillecrapp welcomed the funding, saying it would add to work already underway to address goats and kangaroo issues across the rangelands.

“Goats are one of the biggest biosecurity and ecological threats to our region and the board is addressing this issue on a number of different fronts. This funding will work across landscape boundaries to ensure a coordinated effort, noting the movement of goats across multiple landscapes.”

“I look forward to seeing improvements to the landscape as a result of the collective funding.”

The Landscape Priorities fund was established under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019 and enables investment in large, landscape scale projects addressing regional and cross regional priorities. It redistributes landscape levies collected by Green Adelaide to regional landscape boards to enable them to work in partnership with other groups and individuals and invest in environment projects that ultimately benefit the environment all South Australians value.

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