Twelve newly-licenced to use chemicals

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Twelve people in the North East Pastoral are now newly-licenced to use chemicals following a Chemcert Training Course offered at Yunta Racecourse in November.

Attendees came from seven properties across the district and each received Chemcert Accreditation AQF3. Some were completing re-accreditation.

Completion of the day-long course allows participants to legally transport and store chemicals and to prepare and apply chemicals to control pest weeds and diseases.

They learned about legislation, understanding labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), transport and storage of chemicals, hazards and incident reporting, disposal of chemicals, personal protection equipment, calibration and Integrated Pest Management.

Asked to provide feedback at the end of the course, participants rated it an average of 9/10 with all saying the course had increased their skills and will change their management as a result of the training.

The Chemcert Training was provided by ChemCert Training Group and participants had their course fees subsidised by the North East Pastoral Landscape Group, from Landscape Levy funds.

Twelve newly-licenced to use chemicals

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