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Alunga doing well in the Flinders

05 December 2022

Ten new populations of the Slender Bell Fruit (Codonocarpus pyramidalis) have been located in the Flinders Ranges. Known to the local Adnyamathanha traditional owners as Alunga and to local landholders as the Chinese Lantern Tree, this mysterious plant species is listed as nationally vulnerable and endangered in South Australia. It is believed to have a minor occurrence in New South Wales in addition to populations in the central and northern Flinders Ranges and in the Olary Ranges.

It's a good year to be a Malleefowl

05 December 2022

The discovery of 12 active malleefowl mounds in the Gawler Ranges is a good sign the vulnerable bird is making the most of favourable seasonal conditions.

Diseases detected in Arid Land feral pigs

23 August 2022

The South Australian Arid Lands Landscape Board has been working with the community and the Department for Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) to tackle the growing feral pig numbers in north east of South Australia. Routine feral pig disease surveillance occurred following culling of unprecedented numbers in December 2021 when antibodies to the bacterial disease Brucellosis (Brucella suis) were detected in one sample collected from eight feral pigs. Further testing in February 2022 also detected exposure to Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) in seven of the feral pigs.

Love wildflowers? Keep your eyes peeled for these native stunners

16 August 2022

The wildflowers springing to life across South Australia is a sure sign that winter is coming to an end and summer is again on the way. While the state’s nine landscape boards have little control over the weather, the boards do help to protect native flora and control the threats that endanger them.

Grant funding available from SA Kangaroo Partnership

16 August 2022

A $90,000 grant program will be offered through Optimising Kangaroo Management in South Australia – A partnership approach to improving landscape and economic resilience - a two year project that brings together key stakeholders to explore and trial shared solutions to manage kangaroo overabundance in South Australia.

Think native vegetation on National Tree Day

28 July 2022

While National Tree Day is the perfect time to get your hands dirty and plant a tree either at home or at a local community planting event, it’s also a chance to think more broadly about what we can do to restore our native vegetation.

Landscape-scale control for Noogoora Burr

06 July 2022

Control of the declared weed Noogoora Burr in the North East Pastoral district has been given a boost through Grassroots Grants, funded by the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board. Twelve properties in the district will share in more than $37,000 towards the cost of an aerial spray program.

Grassroots Grants funding doubled in 2022

06 July 2022

Landscape-scale Noogoora Burr control in the North East Pastoral, a program to create qualifications to recognise Traditional skills, the planting of 200 shade trees in Coober Pedy, and the development of an Educational Native Bush Food Garden in the Gawler Ranges are among the programs funded by the SA Arid Lands (SAAL) Landscape Board in its 2022 Grassroots Grants program.